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Скачать песню HOLIDAY Lil Nas X в mp3 бесплатно
Текст песни Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY
They wanna know if I'll be lastin'
Bitch, even if I started floppin', there'd be fashion
Poppin' up in movies, ain't no Nasy, bitch, it's Ashton
Hee, hee, I'm bad as Michael Jackson
Dun, dun, dun

Ayy, it's a holiday
I got hoes on hoes and they outta control, yeah
Ayy, it's another way
All my niggas on go and I hope that you know it
I can't even close my eyes
And I don't know why, guess I don't like surprises
I can't even stay away from the game that I play
They gon' know us today, yeah

Man, I snuck into the game, came in on a horse
I pulled a gimmick, I admit it, I got no remorse
Nobody tried to let me in, nobody opened doors
I kicked them motherfuckers down, they didn't have a choice
They tried to next me, ayy, but I'm blessed, see
Ayy, no flex, but my checks givin' vet tease
Ayy, and I'm sexy, they wanna sex me
Pop star, but the rappers still respect me
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