Bumble Beezy - Liquor Song

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  • Дата релиза: 16 октябрь 2020
Bumble Beezy - Liquor Song
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Скачать песню Liquor Song Bumble Beezy в mp3 бесплатно
Текст песни Bumble Beezy - Liquor Song
Body full of ink, passport also tatted up
Sign language only, girl, I don’t really care about where you from
Plus this bass made me deaf for any words, we so
Drunk off this… walk around the club like what the fuck is up
You think that I’m skinny, you just underestimate me
I don’t need no chasers, drinkers like me hate this
If it’s hard to drink it all in one don’t trying to race me
But if you mix it with something wrong you can kill it, so it don’t make sense
Put that thing right in front of me, yeah, yeah, I got ‘em
Start the Drinking marathon with this dark red bottle
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