6ix9ine, SMILEZ - Charlie

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6ix9ine, SMILEZ - Charlie
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Текст песни 6ix9ine, SMILEZ - Charlie
Ray Charles, I ain’t never seen a bitch I need
Fuck that, I don’t need no skis
It’s so many rich niggas fuckin’ bitches for free
If a nigga want pussy, make him pay that fee
I don’t want it at all pussy, bitch, gimme some money
I don’t need no lovin’
Come on, throw that pussy on the block
Make a nigga a hunnid
Make that pussy pop like it’s a shove it, gansta
Fendi kicks all yellow, fit so rude
Never wife a thot except you (Nope)
Bad decisions every single time I choose (My name is Smilez)
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