6ix9ine - AVA

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  • Дата релиза: 04 сентябрь 2020
6ix9ine - AVA
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Текст песни 6ix9ine - AVA
Got my mind on my money, can't lose, I only win
Tell a nigga, like Fefe, I don't really want no friends
And if I don't move right, I could lose my life, I swear
So I gotta with it, gotta keep it on me, it's right here
Gotta keep it on my body, you know I can't ride with no chop
Gotta watch who I link with, I can't give everybody the drop
And if a nigga run up on me you know somebody gon' drop
Ain't no love in the street, gotta keep it with me, niggas know how I rock
Don't trust nobody, no, no
Show no love to nobody, no, no
Nigga wanna take what's mine, no, no
Niggas want my life, I can't go
Know I gotta stay with a black four-four
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